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Reader's Favorite gives Shadow of the Last Men five stars!

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite

Shadow of the Last Men (The Next Man Saga) (Volume 1) by J.M. Salyards takes you to the bleak outlands in the shadow of the third city. This is a place where one soul emerges to deliver his people from the technocratic overlords known as the last men. This man, Harrow, will do anything and go to all lengths to exact vengeance, even if it means he will only be able to hold onto his humanity by thin threads. However, his quest of havoc and vengeance puts him in the path of allies; as unlikely as that may be, they will change his life forever.

This is a gripping and engaging story and a fantastic start to a series that I cannot wait to dig deeper into. J.M. Salyards has created a host of likable characters that make for the perfect ensemble in this book. I have spent a lot of time wondering if Harrow or Alouine was my favorite and in the end I decided they both were, because the character development is really that solid. The pacing is perfect as well, I never felt as if the story was going too fast, nor did I feel as if it was dragging in parts. This is a refreshing take on the post-apocalyptic story lines that are so popular right now. If you are into a good solid adventure read and the post apocalyptic genre I highly recommend this read.

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Shadow of the Last Men, Book 1 of The Next Man Saga by J.M. Salyards, is a science fantasy novel that follows a trio of gifted heroes in their quest to save the people from the the tyranny of a dystopian city, and save its people. The setting is dark and gritty, yet vivacious as the battle of wills brimming with stylish action and invention unfolds.  >> Read the review at Fantascize.com
Author J.M. Salyards and Xchyler Publishing bring you The NEXT MAN Saga - Book 1: SHADOW of the LAST MEN.
In the frozen wastes of the distant future, a killer known as Harrow prepares for his final battle. Technocratic elites have poisoned his world, enslaved his neighbors, and left his entire people destitute and depraved. Now this lone guided missile of a man is willing to shed the last tatters of his humanity to exact his vengeance.

In this first volume of the Next Man Saga, J.M. Salyards presents a novel that sweeps from the apocalyptic Outlands to the palatial luxury of the corridors of power. Before he can begin his war of annihilation, Harrow discovers allies who might bring him back from the brink. A psycho-spiritualist teenage boy and a disgraced princess of the elites may give Harrow a final tether to life. As wills and fists collide, the unwilling hero must choose between a future beyond his victory, or death as his only chance for peace.

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