Author of the NEXT MAN Saga

About the Author

J.M. Salyards (born 1982) lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter and dreams of becoming a man of a million words.

Mr. Salyards is passionate about writing bold, entertaining fiction. "Shadow of the Last Men" is the first volume of the Next Man Saga, a series that introduces his new voice into the arena of mature, speculative art.

Drawing on his experiences in the United States Air Force and a lifetime of reading, Salyards is an "artistic and effective" author with an "intense and distinctive voice". He is a proud member of the Xchyler Publishing 'X Team'.

About the NEXT MAN Saga

An oppressed and downtrodden people in desperate struggle against their greedy, vain and amoral oppressors. A dark horse warrior waging a war on his own against overwhelming odds. A princess betrayed, marginalized and abandoned by her own society, seeking to avenge the murder of her family. A young man must find a way to change the world and its incredible tyranny and injustice. To what lengths they go to achieve their ends? Will they sacrifice their integrity, morals, compassion, or even their lives on the altar of victory?

 The NEXT MAN Saga is a dystopian work of science fiction, incorporating military, urban, fantasy, paranormal, metaphysical and visionary aspects. No short cuts, no punches pulled.

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